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59 S. Greeley Ave. Chappaqua, NY 10514
TALK TO TEACHES (914) 238-0278

Spring After-School Programs

The following listed programs are For boys and girls grades K-8.  Check your town and listing to see which is applicatble. for players in grades K-2, smaller balls and lower baskets are provided for confidence building.  All progras focus on the fundamentals of baketball as well as participation.  Every participant receives a Teaches basketball, Teaches bag and T-shirt.  "Fun" is the name of the game.  We hope to see you on the hardwood this spring. 


If you would like to sign-up by personal check or postal money order, just click the "Sign-Up Sheet" button below, to download the form, and follow the instructions.


Sign-Up Sheet



If you have any questions please email